Friday Night Fun

Meet a JD Meyers @7:30 pm for some drinks Bruins watching and pool playing and also celebrate the great performance of TG at the Rivah on Saturday!!!

Merrimack River Trail Race Results

First place team, and some great performances all around.  Regina Loiacano’s run has to be the standout race of the day, however, resetting the women’s masters record by several minutes, winning both the overall woman’s and master’s woman’s titles, and running the 9th fastest women’s time ever on a day that the course was not fast. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.08.17 PM

It’s nearly time to RUN THE RIVAH!

An annual favorite, the Merrimack River Trail Race is nearly here.   If you are not planning on running it, you are going to miss out on one of the most fun races out there.  10 miles of muddy trails, with a 5 mile technical section and 5 miles of easy peasy dirt trail for those of you who don’t like to bang your toesies into rocks on a repeated basis.

Meet at the parking lot at Friendlys at 7am if you want in on the carpool.

More race info can be found here: Merrimack River trail race

Peter Watson Memorial Scholarship


Peter Watson believed in the importance of community journalism, and was passionate about bringing information and insight to the people of Cape Ann.  If it happened in Gloucester, Rockport, Essex or Manchester- whether it was a city council or a selectmen’s meeting or a fire, a track meet or a political meeting- it was going to be in the next day’s Gloucester Daily Times- and it was going to be accurate and fair.  Capturing the vitality, the diversity, the problems and the concerns of Cape Ann was his goal as an editor and publisher of the paper.  He achieved that goal to a remarkable degree.

When he died in November 2012, the scores of journalists he hired remembered not just his commitment to Cape Ann but his devotion to them, and his devotion to improving the craft one reporter or editor at a time.

His insightful editorials were well-read by citizens and followed closely by community leaders.   They all recognized that Peter’s editorials were grounded in one ideal- what’s best for Cape Ann , its future and all of its people.

In that spirit, Peter’s friends, colleagues and family have established a scholarship in his name.  The Peter Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund will carry on his development of young people interested in journalism – nor just print journalism, but digital reporting, broadcast, design and photography.  Peter excelled as a daily newspaper editor, but he embraced new media platforms too, as long as they served  the goal of bringing more accurate information to the public.

“For many reporters, Peter was our first and best editor.  The values he instilled of integrity, fairness and community will live on in next generations of journalists through this scholarship.  No matter how the news changes, Peter would have wanted to encourage young Cape Ann residents  to become involved and to serve the community he loved so much.” said Tony Mauro, who worked at the Gloucester Daily Times from 1972 to 1976.  He covers the United States Supreme Court for the National Law Journal.

The scholarship will be administered by the Essex County Community Foundation in Danvers – 978-777-8876.  The first scholarship will be given in 2015.  Any resident of Cape Ann may apply who intends to pursue a career in journalism.  Any one who wishes to donate can do so on the ECCF website at


Schedule Changes

Spring has sprung and the ice is gone — Pursuits will be held at Ravenswood Park this Saturday at 7:30am.

Also, due to a lack of navigators, this Sunday’s long run is being changed to Ravenswood Park, 7am.