Crazy awesome Ravenswood pics

Krissyk does it again.  These are spectacular.  If you haven’t checked them out yet you’ll want to take a look!!i=2846623119&k=pmXCzNd

If you’ve been wondering about cross country, she also has some great pics up from this past weekend’s USATF-NE Cross Country Championships at Franklin Park.!i=2899046067&k=mn2jrbT

Ravenswood 2013 Results have been posted!

Though very dry year’s Ravenswood race was deceptively technical, as a strong overnight wind covered the trails with a thick blanket of fresh leaves and made it very hard to know what your feet were going to hit underneath.  Lots of bloody knees and elbows post-race to illustrate the challenge of the course this year!

Congrats to race winners Todd Callaghan, who took first for the men in a time of 27:05, and to Jennifer Howland, who claimed the women’s title in 32:11. Other notables included the races youngest ever finishers, Grace and Owen Layton.  I knew about Owen (age 9) at the finish but didn’t realize his sister Grace (age 7) had also run.  WOW guys, way to rock it!

Thanks so much for an awesome and fun day out on the trails.  Mark your calendar’s for next year’s race on October 19, 2014!

Ravenswood Trail Race, Volunteers and Chefs and needed

Here’s what I have for volunteers, and what is needed….please contact me at if you’d like to help.
1. Packet Stuffing.  We will be stuffing packets Thursday night, starting around 7 and hopefully ending before 9.  This goes much faster with help.
2. Course Marking: Meet at the lower parking lot to Magnolia Woods, Saturday, at 3:00.  Ideally we have 6-9 people so we can break into 3 groups.  With three groups this takes about an hour.  So far I have Steve, Layce, Ernesto, and Dave G. down to help.
3. Race Packet Transfer.  The race packets will need to be brought to NE Running Co. in the morning (I believe at 9) and brought back to 15 Gloucester Ave in the evening (I believe at 6).  Help is particularly needed in the morning as Rick and I will both be at different soccer practices.
Race Day (Sunday):
1. BAKED GOODS.  We need lots…and lots…of baked goods!  They can be dropped off at my house, 15 Gloucester Ave, anytime before race day and I’ll keep them in our fridge/freezer, or simply brought to the race Sunday morning.
2. Water Table Setup: Peter and Tony are taking care of this. Thanks guys!
3. Registration/Food Setup: 1-2 people, 7-7:45 (we will start as soon as the tables arrive).
4. Number Pickup: 2 people to check people in, hand out packets, and trouble shoot.  7:30-9:00.
5. Bagel Pickup: Someone to pickup 3 dozen bagels from Jim’s Bagels.  The cost will be covered, we just need someone to grab them.  They should be at registration by 8:00.
6. Lone Gull Pickup: Coffee and gift basket for the raffle need to be picked up and brought to the race before 8:00.  (This could easily be the same person that gets the bagels.)
7. Water Table: 2 people to work the water table on the course and direct runner traffic.  Time frame approximately 8:15-10:00.  (This may already be staffed).
8.  Course Monitors:  There are several places on the course where we will need monitors. Time frame 8:15- approx. 10:15.
9.  Finish Line Volunteers: at least 2 people, preferably 3-4, to coordinate the finish line and direct people back towards the parking lot.  Amy and Chris Ballin will again be doing the timing so the responsibility here is logistics only. Expected time frame is 8:30-10:15.
I can promise that anyone and everyone who shows up on race day looking for a job will be given one!