Mt. Washington Updates!

We are ramping things up as Mt. Washington approaches. There is a group running hill repeats up Old Salem, meeting near the boulevard tennis courts at 5:30am on Tuesdays. In addition to our regular Sunday long runs, there is also a group running pursuits in Ravenswood, meeting in the main lot Saturdays at 7:30.

If you do not have a Team Gloucester shirt, and need or want one, please contact Dave Geary before April 15 so we can get them ordered in plenty of time.

A list of registered runners is available HERE.

And remember, there’s only one hill!

Mt Washington Prep Day

The quirkiest day of the Team Gloucester year is nearly upon us.

Meet at Matt’s House, 10 Woodbury St in Gloucester, next Sunday (May 24) at 7:00am. From there we will run through dogtown to Doctor’s Run, running hill repeats until we don’t. We’ll run back past Steele Derrick, swimming optional but highly recommended, and meet back at Matt’s house for food and drinks.

All are welcome, whether you’ve run the mountain or merely thought about running the mountain.

Peter Watson has been nominated for the 2015 Mt Washington Hall of Fame

This is reposted from Dave Dunham:

“Happy to see that Peter Watson (Team Gloucester) was nominated for the Mt Mount Washington Road Race Records and Hall of Fame 2015 hall of fame. As the Chair I’m tasked with putting together info on the nominees. Anyone from Team Gloucester want to send me any info? Stories would be great. Criteria to get in the HOF include contributions to the race…and Peter was always big on Mt Washington. Some info about his impact on the race would be great.  Send to:

The Mt W HOF committee selects the inductees later this year, so I have some time to gather up information.

I have fond memories of going to Peter’s house for the Mt W prep day. Attached his announcement from 2005.”