The Course

The 2012 course will remain unchanged from the course established in 2006. The course of this run will traverse the main paths and trails of Ravenswood Park. It has been GPS’d at 4.06 and 4.08 miles, and wheeled at 4.1. Sections of this single-loop course will present some fairly challenging terrain and poss ibly hazardous footing. There is one water stop on the course. The course begins and ends in Ravenswood across from the parking area at Magnolia Soccer Fields.

Course Map

Trail Map of Ravenswood Park (PDF file will open in new window).

You can learn more about Ravenswood Park at the Trustees of Reservations Web site.

In 2006, the course was changed from prior years.

As runners ourselves, we like consistency in courses and we thought long and hard about changing the course. Ultimately it came down to safety– Western Ave is a narrow street that people tend to drive very quickly on, and as the race has grown we felt we were asking for an accident. In addition, even though we don’t use the main parking area of Ravenswood, we had been feeling increasing pressure to minimize our impact on the main area of the start. The changed course keeps you closer to the parking area, allows a better pre- and post-race setup, and, most importantly, is safer for everyone.

How is the new course different from the pre-2006 course?

Although we’ve kept the new course as close to the old one as possible, we do think this new course is a little slower and a little tougher, mainly do the addition of a decent size hill. But who picks a trail race because it’s advertised as “flat and fast?”

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