Sundays Run

With fifteen people and three dogs it was another great day in the woods for TG.  We had a nice run in the woods of Dogtown and even ran on new trails and found another way to reach Steel Derrick.  Glad to see that our newest member to the group Freddie returned and was not a “one and done” runner and was not scared off by the crazy pace or the technical trails we run on.  Then we had this guy i think his name was John Barbour who showed up said he was a fast guy didn’t look to fast to me he was lagging behind all of us in the back of the pack.

One thought on “Sundays Run

  1. Brave words Dave! I’d be prepared, Barbour is going to come back to thrash you in the next run.

    The run wouldn’t have been the same without the heartfelt proselytizing of Bob Gillis. “Ye shall not defeat the mountain, but let not the mountain defeat you!”

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