Mt. Washington Race Calculator

Here are three ways to get “your time” on the mountain without
running it all:

  1. Peter Watson formula: Take your time at halfway, multiply it by
    2 and add 6 minutes; four if your feeling really, really fit. You only have to run halfway.
  2. John Stifler formula: Calculate your target time, say 107 minutes, divide by the 7.’6 miles of the course = 14 minute pace, subtract 30 seconds for early race speed = 13.5 pace X by .90 as the first mile mark is actually 9/10ths of a mile = 12.15 mile pace or 12 minutes, 9 seconds. If you’re there a12:09 you’re on target for a 1:47 finish. You can extrapolate the rest in your head. Surely.

    Or if you are even more of a mathematical wizard you can take your “one-mile time” and calculate John’s formula backwards to figure out your time. And you will only have had to run 9/10th of a mile.

  3. Peter Sheedy formula: Take your last Cape Race time and subtract
    20 minutes. That’s your mountain time. You don’t have to run the mountain at all.

    Of course, you do have to have run the Cape which is a good 20 minutes longer.