Weekend wrap-up

Saturday morning’s workout – 2 minutes rest in-between 6x800m’s (Layce, Jenn, Kevin), 6 x880yds (Bob, Zach, Steve, Tony) and 400’s (Matt) – was very cold and very, very windy. We’re going to call it Mt. Washington acclimatization. Not a fun workout for sure, but excellent race prep. We hope. Otherwise it was just pointless misery.

Sunday’s long run featured a new trail and a Team Gloucester mutiny, with Dave, Layce, and Ernesto refusing to run down the 20% decline that Steve deemed a trail. We found them again about an hour and twenty minutes later. I think the last mutiny was when we got lost in Manchester Essex woods, and after seeing Matt holding up a stick towards the sun and gauge the shadow, Phil decided he was done with our navigational abilities and run home via the dreaded blacktop. Epic. Anyways, coming back to today’s revolt, the funny thing is that once you hurtled down the hill, the rest of the trail was pretty nice. Thanks mountain bikers! And you see cool stuff when you try new things.


Sophie heading up the hill that caused all the hubbub-


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  1. TG waited some years before punishing me for my mutiny in M/E Woods — two busted kneecaps, cleverly administered out of the world’s view deep in Ravenswood. Seemed a little harsh, but there you go. Watch your backs, ye who mutiny.

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